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The glorious GertieBeth created and maintained this site for close to 2 decades. I've reuploaded this site with the utmost respect for Gertie and the work she put into it. The site has been recovered from archive.org


I'VE NOW DECIDED TO DO NEW CAPTURES FOR ALL EPISODES. They're being uploaded to the above location. In each album I'm uploading new captures, with the old ones included in a sub-album. More details below.

Update: This project has proven to be way too difficult. It's not just the task of capturing the screencaps & weeding out duplicates, as I'd already done most of that... it's that they're so freaking dark that I have to run whole batches through Photoshop at times to see what's actually in the screencap. I'd intended to recapture them all at a ridiculously high brightness setting, but since my second computer is now kaput I can't do a lot else while I'm capturing images... and seeing as there are alternatives I think I can use my time better elsewhere.

Since the sites below exist there's not a lot of point in duplicating their work. I will likely close down this site eventually, unless I suddenly find the urge to hook up a second screen to my laptop so I can capture images on the other screen and still work on this one for the 165+ hours it will take. Ugh.

Please choose from an alternative:

I strongly suggest the X-Files Archive, which has blu-ray screencaps up to Season 11, and its sister site DavidandGillianArchive


Alternatively you may try 

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Please don't direct link to images, surely you all know better than that by now. Especially as I'm yet to find out know how much bandwidth this monstrosity of a site uses!

Note: To save a heap of time I'm now doing new captures. It's quicker to set up my blu-ray laptop to auto capture each ep again than try to fit new images in between existing ones. Season One is complete at the new location. I've also now uploaded the season 5 eps that were missing from the original site.
You'll notice that there's an album for each episode, and from around half way though Season One there are new images in the main album, and what's left of the original images in a sub-album. I'm trying to get all the old images uploaded to the new location while I'm doing the recaptures on my other computer. The BD-ROM is rather temperamental so hopefully it survives the process. I'm starting to figure out how to coerce it into behaving. If you're looking for an episode in particular, please contact [email protected] with the ep you need and I'll do that asap. Otherwise, I have ADHD and I tend to do whatever I'm in the mood for when I'm in the mood, rather than stick to a regular parttern.

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