XF Screencap Archive

XF Blu-Ray and DVD Screengrab Archive

Although I began by trying to resurrect xfphotos.fredfarm.com, it actually turned out to be quicker to to entirely recapture each episode. Each episode below will be updated with new blu-ray captures. I was going to include a sub-album with what's left of Gertie's DVD captures in each episode, but I'm reconsidering that.

I'm using automated captures (5 seconds apart) but I then go through and delete duds, duplicates, and excess photos of tertiary characters. If I happen to have existing caps of value (usually Mulder-butt or Mulder-puppy images by some strange coincidence) I'll throw those in... I'm loading them in no particular order because that's how I roll. I've probably captured about 80% of the entire series to date. I now have the brightness on the computer turned up to 11 to make up for the trademark underexposure of TXF, which means less manual processing so I can churn through them quicker.

Feel free to rate your favourite images. :D

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